Our Commitment to Realizing Dr. Martin Luther King’s Beloved Community — Globally

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., today, more than ever, as part of the global justice community, we are reminded of our shared humanity and the work that we must do to realize Dr. King’s beloved community across the globe.

Racism in all its forms is on the rise, many more families are being made poor and military conflicts from Yemen to Ukraine are destabilizing regions, claiming innocent lives and usurping billions of dollars and other valuable resources that could otherwise be spent lifting millions out of poverty, addressing the social, economic, and public health issues associated with climate change and provide debt relief and reparatory justice for centuries of extraction and exploitation.

This beloved community must be rooted in, and guided by, a strong commitment to center the “least of these among us,” including innocent victims of unjust and immoral wars, those of us fighting back against an unfair criminal justice system, families grappling with the impacts of global climate change, and a ballooning debt crisis that threatens the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in low-income countries.

As a global movement aimed at amplifying and achieving Dr. King’s vision across the world, MLK Global stands in solidarity with advocates, activists and freedom fighters everywhere as we work to end poverty, militarism, and racism forever.

This is a day of reflection and action! We are encouraged to look within and around us and commit to doing the necessary work to make King’s beloved community—a reality!

In global justice and solidarity,

The MLK Global Team